Audit Application
The application to receive the free Boostopia Audit should take only 2-3 minutes to fill out. We will have a couple simple questions about your support programs, what tools you use, and your team. You can expect for us to update you on whether you not you meet our qualification criteria within 2-3 business days.
We will start by getting some basic information about you and your company...

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Lets get some quick details about your current customer support operation...

How many full-time Customer Support staff do you have? *

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What communication channels do you provide customer support through?

Your helpdesk technology platform? *

Your phone system?

Your livechat solution?

What is your e-commerce platform that takes your customers orders?

If your not a company with an e-commerce presence, just mark NA.

What are the current challenges you and the support operation are facing? *

Please indicate how much do you agree or disagree with the following statement:

Our team knows the top ten reasons, in what specific quantities, and on daily/weekly/monthly basis, why customers reach out to contact us. *

Our team knows both the average amount of time that team members spend to solve different support issue types and the specific expense average by ticket type and by agent. *

Our support team has established support level agreement (SLA) policies for multiple communication channels and issue types. *

Our support team spends this much time proactively reaching out to talk to customers vs being reactive to customer service requests: *

Do you know the average cost per year, of your average customer support employee? *

If someone else at your company can provide this, just mark 'no' and we can collect this later.
What is the average annual salary, including benefits, and office real estate costs PER support employee?

We don't need an exact calculation, this number will be used to back into calculations like 'Cost Per Ticket' for your company to solve customers problems.
How soon will your company be needing to add your next support team member? *

What is the average number of monthly transactions from your customers?

For e-commerce, the number of orders on your site per month. If something else, then give closest equivalent. Monthly active customers, etc.